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Plumbing Done Right Every Time

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A Full Range of Plumbing Services at Your Disposal

Keep your plumbing systems in top condition with help from the plumbing professionals at York Regional Plumbing Ltd. Our company offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services to homeowners and business owners throughout Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

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Great Plumbing is what we do, View a list of our services below:

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Fixture/Faucet Service/Install

If you are planning to remodel your home, just looking to change out that old toilet or fix that leaking faucet, you have come to the right place. York Regional Plumbing Ltd is ready and able to repair or replace any plumbing fixture in your home.

          • Showers
          • Bathtubs
          • Bathroom Sinks
          • Faucets
          • Toilets
          • Bidets
          • Laundry Tubs
          • Kitchen Sinks and Garburators
          • Hot water tanks
          • Valves
          • Hose Bibs
          • And more

Drain Cleaning:

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like today without modern plumbing systems. Despite the importance of plumbing systems, many people tend to neglect the condition of their drains and pipes. This can lead to disastrous sewage backups if left unattended. We won’t let this happen to you.

York Regional Plumbing Ltd is a leading Plumbing company based in Aurora Ontario. We are more than capable of addressing any issue you may have with your drainage system, including:

          • Main Sewers
          • Kitchen Sinks
          • Bath tub drains
          • Vanity sink drains
          • Floor Drains
          • Laundry Drains
          • Clogged Toilets

No job is ever too big or too difficult. If you’re experiencing an issue with your drainage systems, give us a call!

Pipe leaks, Frozen Pipes: 

Water lines and fixtures can operate normally for years without any problems, as they should. Problems can arise as the pipes and fixtures age and begin to break down.There are a number of signs that you can watch for if you think you have a leak. Sudden drops in water pressure, wet or damp drywall, celing or carpet / flooring,

As any Canadian will tell you temperatures drop in the winter, that means an oportunity for your pipes to freeze. York Regional Plumbing is ready to thaw and repair any damage that old man winter may send your way!

If you see any of these tell-tale signs of a water leak, contact York Regional Plumbing immediately. Water leaks are serious and if left untreated you are in for a costly repair or restoration bill. To book your appointment, please call (416) 219-4965. We look forward to serving you.

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Backwater Valves:

A back water valve is a check valve located in your main sewer downstream of the last connection from the building. This valve is designed to let everyday sewage pass through, unless city sewers begin to back up (usually caused by heavy rain), at which time the valve closes, preventing the building from flooding. In fact, many home insurance carriers nowadays will ask that you have one installed. Call York Regional Plumbing today we will gladly take you through the options and potential money saving rebates available to you.

Renovations/New Construction:

If you are starting a renovation, building a new house, or just want to update your plumbing fixtures, we can help.

York Regional Plumbing is ready to get the job done properly and on time. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we are ready to help.

For more information about our renovations, fixture updating, or new construction services in your area or to book your appointment, please call (416) 219-4965. We look forward to serving you.

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York Regional Plumbing Ltd. 

Licensed and Insured

WSIB # 7860632 | City of Toronto P#26455